1. Flackô


  2. Flacko


  3. Yams n Ty



  5. Lou Banga n Gleesh


  6. Mob


  7. Hardfest


  8. 36 By Navy


  9. By Navy


  10. Flacko By Dexter Navy


  11. Dexter Navy


  12. My first solo exhibition!


  13. terrancenealy said: this is no question, just a statement of acknowledgment. Thank you, for without the captivating imagery you've provided the world, i definitely would not be the person i am today. Im not a photographer, but your constant progression and the work ethic you show in order to master your craft has really inspired a lot of people and have made them better. Keep doing what you love and making the world a better place to bear, one photo at a time.

    This is the coolest message i’ve ever received on tumblr, bless people like yourself homie, stay in-touch! NAVY—


  14. lights lights lights