1. nivekwonderland said: Mac or a DSLR? I only have money for one and i'm heavy on photography.

    a mac - then buy a cheap 35MM point n shoot, then buy a dslr 


  2. Anonymous said: how do you get photos in magazines? how do you start to make money for bigger names? how do you put yourself really out there as a photographer. drop some knowledge please

    The first magazine I ever had a photo in was i-D, I started making money from photography when i’d shot bigger names for some reason it gives people a belief that they should pay you lol.


  3. analografie said: yo dexter, you've been a big inspiration for me to start analog photography. just letting you know. cheers

    fuck that’s awesome thank-you!!


  4. prosehoc said: I met you one time a couple years back and you were a safe guy. Good to see you making moves. Peace

    ayee thanks brah 


  5. lol chill 


  6. chace’s store 


  7. moon kevin


  8. kevin moon 


  9. lol yung bow wow 


  10. Yung Ford n Yung Stu in Cali 


  11. brad forgot his bike


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